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“Each story is self-contained, but the canvas itself is so rich,” says Simcha Jacobovici, president of Associated Producers.“These are the stories of secret societies and mysticism throughout the ages."Something was missing in my life," wrote Madonna until she found her way to study of Kabbalah, an ancient form of Jewish mysticism. Life no longer seemed like a series of random events. I woke up." The Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre has been dismissed by many Jewish scholars as a sham.It leaders have been accused of making an opportunistic attempt to make a complex and secretive system of thought into a New Age self-help gimmick.“Keshet has been bold and courageous in its scripted programming, and the marketplace is growing, especially in this premium documentary space,” Lee said.

Anyone on a spiritual journey may want to consider reading over what all it potentially offers – just be respectful of any restrictions that may come up along the way.It’s also the story of those individuals who were called ‘heretics’ by some and ‘heroes’ by many.It’s real life ‘Da Vinci Code.’” Jacobovici has some experience with Kabbalah: For years, he has been part of a Kabbalah study group that meets in Lantos’ Toronto home.Not understanding the ancient language of Aramaic in which it is written, they hold their hands over the words in an attempt to absorb their supposed holiness.Madonna has even taken on the Hebrew name of Esther, a heroine in Jewish history for helping save her people in ancient Persia from a plot against their lives.She is thought to be interested in sessions with his rabbi.


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