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Either way, the charismatic leader (or "shaman," as Doors' keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, refers to Morrison) was inescapably alluring to post-punk bands, either for its conceptual ties to fascism or for its more ego-driven appeal to the leaders of certain groups.

Musically, the thing with the Doors is that they are particularly hard to peg.

Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox features engaging, akamai, one-on-one conversations with some of the most intriguing people in Hawai‘i. Burns attended New York University and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1934. A recurring and interesting detail in the book was how frequently the Doors (specifically, Jim Morrison) were cited as an influence by post-punk bands.Burns donated these materials throughout the 1990s; most of the materials were donated in April and May of 1995.The materials in Part II of the collection date from 1939 to 1999.“One of the things that I really want people to know…who are from the islands or the Pacific, is that our stories are so worth telling. It was safe then, and we could swim in the stream, and hike around in the mountains. The trip had barely begun, when her dad did something that really surprised her. Sometimes, my dad’s brother John, who was a screenwriter in Hollywood, would come over and charm us all with stories about what was going on in Hollywood. Eventually, as wonderful as the island was then, it just seemed too small to me. You know, and so when I came back to Honolulu, I started going to school. They used to have a studio program there, where I went every day to a drawing class or a painting class. So, I went to sign up for a creative writing class in the English department, but they were full. And it concerned a young woman who had been made a hula kapu when she was a girl, and who had drifted away from that calling or that honor. And I really wanted to write about, you know, who I was and where I came from, and … And I loved working there; I loved the people I was working with.


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