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“There’s a freshness to it, a lightness to it,” Mac Lachlan says.

And since not everyone will have time to visit (or re-visit) The star of the show, as played by Kyle Mc Laughlin, entered Twin Peaks as an outsider when he was tasked with investigating the death of the popular, enigmatic 17-year-old Laura Palmer.The brief clip previews Showtime's miniseries - which David Lynch recently finished shooting - and features several of the original actors revealing when they first heard the 90s cult hit was to return.The majority of the show's original cast will be joined by an array of high-profile talent including regular Lynch collaborator Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Naomi Watts and Amanda Seyfried. In life, Laura was tortured by long-term abuse by her father, and via the FBI’s investigation it was revealed that she was secretly working as a prostitute and abusing cocaine before she was killed.Maddy was Laura’s bookish, innocent cousin who came to stay with the Palmer family after her death …Bobby became jealous of James Hurley when he discovered that James was secretly seeing Laura.


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