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Across Christianity, there are far more single women than single men, which means that the odds are not in the favor of godly single women. There are three main ideas that I believe are completely false and/or overblown.

In addition, for theological reasons, many Christian women do not want to be the dating initiator, asking guys out and taking the lead in the relationship. For starters the idea that there are more Christian women than men is complete garbage.

One of the problems in our evangelical culture today when it comes to singleness and marriage is the message that is sent over and over again that men are less spiritual, more sinful, and less mature than women. In case you don’t believe me read the following quote from one of the biggest names in evangelical culture today.

It is said from pulpits, in interviews on tv, and of course in books. At the end of a blog post to single women he writes, To my single sisters wanting to marry, I do not want to discourage you in any way.

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Personal Development Sites: The site below is a link to Mars Hill church in Seattle and a sermon by Mark Driscoll on dating.

Pastor Mark is the author of over 15 books, and he has also written for CNN and .

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Born in North Dakota, Mark Driscoll grew up in south Seattle, the son of a union drywaller. The provided links are offered as a service to help you access other sources of information about today’s youth.Their inclusion in the site does not necessarily imply endorsement of the linked site by Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited.Men are waiting until around 30 years old to marry for the first time, if they ever do.And, they are going for younger women, according to the statistics. But to lay the problem of increased singleness in the church at the feet of men and say, “hey it’s all your fault” is extremely short sighted, only addresses half the equation and does both men and women a lot of harm.Naomi, Ruth’s widowed mother-in-law, interprets his unexpected generosity towards Ruth as romantic interest.


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