Alexz johnson dating tim rozon

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Time management is very much important for busy celebrities, and it is more mandatory when they have some side business as well.

We are going to put a spotlight upon Tim Rozon, a Canadian actor who is not only busy in films but occupied at his busy restaurant.

So this is indeed a successful business for Tim, which obviously demands a lot of his time and efforts. “I was doing a series in Toronto and my business partner called me and said the place downstairs was for rent. Life is good.” Tim is in his forties, and he is still unmarried.

I started at 14 years old working in the kitchen and moved to the front of the house, and I said, ‘I’m in. I don’t have time to be sad about not getting a part because I have a business to run. However, there was a usual enthusiasm from the public that he and his co-actress Alexz Johnson were in the relationship, but that also went trailing a wrong path.


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