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If you don’t have a strategy to follow, identifying old photos can be a long, tedious, and sometimes frustrating process.Here are three questions to ask yourself as you begin to identify these unknown photos. There were a few types of photographs that were popular throughout the 19th century, so by asking yourself “What type of photo is this?Fall is here and it is time to start thinking about taking those family photos!Fall is such a beautiful time of year – the leaves are changing, the sunsets are gorgeous, and the lighting is perfect for photographers!These defects are now noticeable in many calotypes, some of which are today little more than pale yellow ghosts. They could be mailed home safely without fear of shattering.AMBROTYPE (1854 to the end of the Civil War)The ambrotype is a thin negative image on glass made to appear as a positive by showing it against a black background. It couldn't withstand travel or being carried in a locket as a daguerreotype could. The tintype actually does not contain any tin, but is made of thin black iron.“Family photos are powerful,” said Maureen Taylor, in her presentation at the 2016 Roots Tech conference.

Or, if you're having a longer engagement, consider shooting your save-the-date snapshot a year or two prior to the wedding during the season that you're getting married.

Getting the perfect photo includes a variety of elements.

You have the season picked out now consider these ideas for locations, poses, props and clothing!

Similar to daguerreotype in assembly of parts: 1-Disadvantages of ambrotypes: 1. sold for a penny or less, making photography universally available. It is sometimes confused with ambrotypes and daguerreotypes, but is easily distinguishable from them by the fact that a tintype attracts a small magnet. The earliest tintypes were on heavy metal (0.017 inches thick) that was never again used.

A very slow (up to 20 sec.) exposure, compared to 2 sec. The cost of an image at the time the process became obsolete was about 25 cents. They are stamped "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 Feb 56" along one edge.


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